Aug 01

Journal – August 2012 – Kindergarten, summer time, etc…

Wow, my little man is 5!  I am still baffled at how time flies, and the fact that he will be starting Kindergarten next week is completely unreal to me!  Things are good for us now.  We have learned to balance our jobs, our fundraising events, our personal lives, our special family times, and our just being lazy times!  We had to learn this balance to keep our sanity.  Things can quickly become overwhelming because of people’s desire to help Zach and do fundraisers for PRF.  We appreciate ALL the support we have been given more than I could ever say.

Zach continues to do well!  His only physical complaint he has ever had was that his feet hurt (when walking or standing on them a long time).  So, we had him fitted for inserts and he uses them with no problem.  Wearing sandals (with socks, of course…Zach style) has also seemed to help.  He still takes physical therapy once a week and continues to take trial medication.  We are still waiting to hear what his next treatment will be.  He is so much fun right now, and full of SO MUCH energy!  He loves playing rough and wrestling, having wet play in the backyard (with water guns!).  He loves to read books and loves to watch his cartoons!  He hangs around the bigger kids at his day care school, and is very well known as a class clown!  Saying “goodbye” to the teachers if going to be heart-breaking.  The ladies at Lafayette Christian Child Care Center have been more than teachers…they are Zach’s fierce protectors.  WE LOVE THEM!  We are so thankful that Zach wakes up every day with a smile, and is SO much fun to be around.  We are blessed in so many ways!  We continue to take one day at a time, and focus on “now”.  There’s really no benefit to worry about tomorrow or what the future might bring.

If you are visiting this page, we appreciate your continued support and prayers, and thank you so much for being part of our lives!  Hope to see you soon!

September 3, 2012 – KINDERGARTEN UPDATE!  Zach is doing fabulous at school.  He’s fitting right in with the other children, learning the routines, and getting around just fine.  Stonewall has done an awesome job of making adjustments for Zach without making him feel “different”.   We couldn’t love his teacher more :)  We are blessed!



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